Our story

About Us

Biblioso is a solution development company providing full support and services to companies, businesses, and individuals in web, mobile, application development, cloud-based projects. We provide both offshore and onshore-based solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Our motivated and highly qualified team delivers high-quality service and products, always aiming to exceed our clients’ expectations.

We can provide high-quality, time-critical solutions on time and within budget. Every member of our team has studied for their role at a tertiary level and has extensive experience in the industry. Our subject-matter experts are an integral part of our success.

Our passion is to find the best talent for our clients and to match candidates with meaningful projects that enrich their lives. We understand the importance of fostering an environment in which people appreciate and respect their coworkers and managers, experience and overcome challenges, and genuinely love what they do. This is what we do every day: create high-performance teams that produce results.

Companies of all sizes rely on Biblioso to find qualified candidates, because we use the proven approaches of understanding client needs and screening candidates to find the best people to do the job. Our emphasis on networking and discovering candidates assures that the quality of talent available will handle engineering, BI, software development, analytics, and administrative projects.

Biblioso offers global management consulting, technology services, website security, mobile apps development, ERP development and implementation, documentation and localization, outsourcing, and BI solutions. We work closely in partnership with clients to create a successful staffing plan with highly experienced candidates. We offer services to place direct hire, temporary, and contingent staff for short-term projects, long-term employment, and everything in between. Our recruiters and staffing professionals have years of industry experience in understanding technical projects and assembling teams that excel at solution delivery. We put this experience to work for you. From creating basic scorecards and dashboards to developing fully featured cubes and data warehouses, our BI team can unlock the data in your organization and help you achieve insights to make better business decisions. Biblioso understands the global nature of modern business and offers possibilities to create content, to translate existing content to help open new markets, or to support business operations.

Biblioso offers the chance to discover work opportunities that enable you not merely to have a job, but to thrive. Please browse our service offerings to find out more about what we can do for you.

Clients Testimonials

I want to thank you for the excellent work that you did for our team. I would gladly recommend your firm to anyone asking for references. Well done.

Praveen — Microsoft,,.

I am writing to express my strong satisfaction with the high standard of customer service I have received from you and your team.

Matt — Microsoft,,.

I want to thank you for all of your incredible hard work to help us find the technical project manager for our team. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Baker — Microsoft,,.

Biblioso is our go-to partner for hiring needs. Dependable, fast, and trustworthy is how I will describe their services. They have been able to provide us quality professionals that fit our budget and timelines. We value and highly recommend their services.

Annik Inc.,,.

I would like to thank you for the quick turnaround and effort you and your team at Biblioso put in to locate the SQL developer and net developer.

Mark — Microsoft,,.

Mission & Vision

Mission Biblioso is a solution development company providing full support and services to companies, businesses, and individuals in web, mobile, application development, and cloud-based projects. To achieve this, we: Dedicate and focus on clients and their requirements. Deliver cost-effective, efficient, competent, and innovative services. Operate in a way that is professional, timely, and transparent. Vision In meeting our objectives, we will formulate proficient and results-oriented web development and custom application solutions. We will deliver these strategies and solutions with our full support, around-the-clock.

Our Team

At Biblioso, we believe the strength of an organization comes from the people within that organization. We’re focused on forming a strong team of individuals who work together. Each team member brings with them a unique quality to the team. Currently, our talents cover: Project/program management Product management QA engineering SQL development BI/OLAP development Software design engineering Operations engineering/system administration Data analysis Technical sales Security program management UI/UX design HTML and CSS development Business analysis Server administration The individual talents of each person at Biblioso give our team that competitive edge in the IT sector. This ensures the best results at the best price for our clients’ projects.