5 Reasons Companies Hire Through Staffing Agencies

June 15, 2023

In the current job market, companies are facing difficulties in locating qualified and proficient candidates to fill their vacant positions. Attracting highly skilled individuals can be a daunting task.

To successfully fill job openings, whether you're looking for temporary, permanent or contract to hire staff, not many choices compare to the benefits of a staffing agencies recruiting process.

Stay tuned as we unpack the top 5 reasons why companies hire through staffing agencies further in this article.

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1. The cost of a bad hire

Hiring incorrectly can be an expensive mistake for a business in both a monetary and intangible way. According to Forbes, hiring the wrong person for a job can result in a cost of at least 30% of that employee's first-year salary. This means that on average, a bad hire in the United States could cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000.

When you choose a reputable staffing agency to fill job openings, you can test the waters of a culture fit between candidate and company with a staffing agency. These agencies have parameters in place, so you can find the right candidate first time around.

2. Temp hires

When your permanent employees are unavailable due to sick leave, parenting leave, or other reasons, temp workers can help cover your company's short-term needs.

Additionally, temporary staff are a great solution to scaling projects, without overworking your current workforce. Staffing agencies have a rock solid process for hiring contract talent.

Also, one major advantage of hiring temporary staff is the flexibility to release them if needed without incurring additional costs or liabilities associated with full-time employees. This allows companies to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and downsize staff during unexpected times.

3. Time-saving and efficiency

In today's fast-paced business environment, time is a precious commodity that no company can afford to waste. That's where staffing agencies come in. They're experts in finding and placing qualified candidates quickly, freeing up your team to focus on growing the business.

The hiring of personnel can be laborious and multifaceted, necessitating tasks such as constructing job postings, reviewing CVs, interviewing candidates, verifying references and bargaining salaries. By outsourcing these tasks to a professional IT staffing agency like Biblioso, companies can save significant amounts of time.

4. Outsource onboarding and payroll

One major perk is a staffing agency takes care of payroll and the onboarding process. The staffing and hiring process can be a complex process, especially for businesses with high turnover or rapid growth.

Onboarding is a critical aspect of integrating new hires into your organization. It involves numerous technicalities involved in human resource management, such as paperwork completion, orientation sessions, training programs, and more. Staffing agencies streamline this process by taking charge of these responsibilities.

Beyond the onboarding process, staffing agencies also manage payroll functions. This includes calculating hours worked, deducting taxes and other withholdings, issuing checks or direct deposits, and more. By delegating these tasks to an experienced agency, you can focus more on core business operations while ensuring your employees' needs are taken care of.

5. Industry-specific knowledge

When it comes to the hiring process, staffing agencies have a secret weapon: industry-specific knowledge. Choosing a reputable staffing agency is ensuring they have years of experience in your industry. Industry-specific expertise enables them to identify and place candidates who possess not only the necessary technical skills, but also an affinity for your company's culture.

Beyond technical expertise, staffing agencies also leverage their expansive industry connections to source a broad range of job seekers and potentially qualified candidates. They also have extensive talent networks within your industry, giving them access to a wide pool of talent - both active job seekers and passive candidates who might be open to new opportunities.

FAQs in Relation to 5 Reasons Companies Hire Through Staffing Agencies

Why use a staffing agency?

Using a staffing agency has several advantages, including saving time and resources, accessing industry-specific expertise, avoiding bad hires, managing onboarding and payroll tasks, and having flexibility with temporary hires.

Factors to consider in staffing

Understand specific needs for skills and experience levels, length of industry-specific experience, budget considerations, timeline for filling positions, and the reputation and reliability of the chosen agency.

Disadvantages of staffing

You'll have to be willing to give up some degree of control over your staff. Although, when creating a partnership with a staffing agency, this can be determined based on your choosing.

What about costs of a staffing agency?

The cost of a staffing agency typically are through markup fees per employee staffed, ranging from 25% to 75% of the employees wage. While there may be costs associated with hiring a staffing agency, the overall monetary benefits often outweigh the fee.

When looking for an IT and Engineering staffing agency with decades of experience, reach out to the experts at Biblioso for your hiring needs.

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